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A Law Firm That Knows Liquor Law

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A Law Firm That Knows Liquor Law

The Skene Law Firm provides cost-effective and comprehensive legal solutions for all tiers of the alcoholic beverage industry. We solely concentrate our practice in the alcoholic beverage industry and have extensive experience representing a variety of on-premise and off-premise vendors including: restaurants, bars, package stores, hotels, casinos, catering, and food/beverage service companies.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining new state and/or local retail alcoholic beverage licenses;
  • Reporting changes in existing retail alcoholic beverage licensed premises;
  • Providing retail licensees with compliance and trade practice guidance; and
  • Advice and representation regarding ABC violations.

Whether you are the general counsel of a national restaurant chain, the CEO of a regional hotel chain, a local caterer trying to expand your business, or an aspiring entrepreneur contemplating importing wine and setting up a wholesale network, you all have one thing in common – the need to legally buy and sell alcoholic beverages. The ability to traffic in alcoholic beverages is the lifeblood of your business and the inability to do so would be crippling. With each state, and the federal government, having its own unique set of alcoholic beverage control laws, many of which are antiquated and out of touch with modern business practices, the prospect of navigating through them can be daunting.

The Skene Law Firm can provide comprehensive solutions to your alcoholic beverage regulatory and compliance needs on an international, national, regional, or local basis in the following areas.