A Law Firm That Knows Liquor Law

Creative and cost-effective legal solutions

With each state, the federal government, and often times each individual county or municipality having its own distinct set of rules, the prospect of navigating through the complexities of alcoholic beverage licensing and compliance matters can be daunting. Our firm understands the nuances of the various alcoholic beverage control laws affecting our clients and the intricacies of the myriad agencies which enforce them. Our philosophy is to draw from our comprehensive understanding of the industry to provide effective advice and representation which allows our clients to achieve their business goals while minimizing legal risk and costs.

This mission is achieved through an accomplished team of experienced attorneys and dedicated paralegals. Our attorneys have decades of high level experience working for state regulatory agencies as well as within the alcoholic beverage industry itself, which gives us a unique and knowledgeable perspective in providing effective legal counsel.


Perhaps the single most important factor which differentiates our firm from other alcoholic beverage regulatory practices is our ability to function on a national level. It is our experience that many of our competitors utilize a business model under which they effectively serve as the general counsel to their national clients and outsource the work in each respective state to separate local firms. We feel that this model inevitably leads to redundant work product and unnecessary expenses to the client. In addition, particularly for nationally operating chains, catering companies and concessionaires which often require new licensing with minimal advance notice, it also results in delays in the application process which our clients simply cannot afford. We have worked hard to develop internal procedures and direct agency relationships which effectively minimize the time required to obtain the requisite licensing.

Our firm’s philosophy is rooted in the premise that we have built upon years of experience and insight for a reason. Rather than reinvent the wheel and filter these prate work of numerous other firms through our office, we prefer and are entirely equipped to handle most alcoholic beverage matters directly in the large majority of states. This allows us to make the most effective use of our client’s resources and avoid redundant and unnecessary expenses. It also provides for the most direct and efficient communication with our contacts at the various regulatory agencies with whom we work day in and day out.